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2016 Food and Drink Trends – Will We Be Eating Healthier?

2016 Food and Drink Trends – Will We Be Eating Healthier?

As this year comes to a close and a new year is promising to give us opportunities to try it all again, we begin to look toward new experiences.

With the new year, we start thinking about improvements we can make in our health, our home, our business and our family life.

Can we create a more balanced life to enjoy and succeed in all those areas?

Focusing on our health, no matter what your personal health goals are — weight loss, better blood sugar control, lowering blood lipids, healthy kids, or just staying free of the cold and flu this season — eating and drinking well will be keystones to managing our health.

What can we do in the new year to make the most of our food and beverage choices? What options will be available to us to meet our health goals?

Let’s look at some of the food trends predicted to be ‘huge’ in 2016 and how we can make the best of these trends.

Pinterest Top 10 Food Pinning Trends

Many of us are frequent users of Pinterest. We look for craft ideas, home decorating tips, and recipes, recipes, recipes!

It is fun to see the beautiful images, which can be so inspirational!

I love visiting Pinterest to spur my own creative juices and give me directions for things I can imagine but may need a little help making a reality for my personal use.

I also love searching for information because I consider myself a lifelong learner. I want to know more about how things work, how to create things, and learn about the true health implication for some of my choices.

You can check out my Pinterest page to see what info I have collected that might help you too!

Pinterest has ranked the top 10 most searched foods and drinks and created this list:

  1. Avocado oil – watch out coconut oil, you have been dropped! Many use avocado oil as a mayonnaise replacement.
  2. Distill your own booze – making your own whiskey or vodka, as well as the sugar to mix your own homemade cocktail.
  3. DIY artisan olive oils – make you own flavored oil, including chile oils, fruit oils and herb flavored oils.
  4. Sweet-to-savory – creating foods that are usually sweet in a savory version. The most pinned type of this concoction is a savory French toast.
  5. Pour-over coffee – how-to instructions abound to pin. Making one cup at a time using freshly ground coffee beans, a slow pour of hot water through a filter to make a cup that delights.
  6. Snacking and bento boxes – using a box to portion out your favorite snacks or meals, mouthwatering pictures to pin!
  7. Gourmet heritage cuisines – pinning traditional foods with an upscale twist.
  8. Homebrews – more making your own this time in beer, using hundreds of different recipes to get the flavors you like.
  9. Beertails – using beer to make your favorite cocktails, like beer margarita.
  10. Veggie swaps – vegan recipes, crock pot recipes, slicers, spiralizers and more ideas to keep your meals plant based.

Some of these could fit into our healthy lifestyles for the new year, but not all. Searching Pinterest for recipe inspiration to use the healthiest of the trends as we create healthy action steps for the New Year is a great use of this social media platform.

We can make a better snack or give the kids a fun lunch using bento boxes and create plant-based meals to increase fiber and nutrients while cutting saturated fat!

Cooking more from scratch will help us eat more healthy meals to achieve our health goals and Pinterest has great recipes and step by step instructions to help us master a great meal.

Chefs Pick Hottest Food Trends for the New Year

What do chefs think will be on our plates in the New Year?

The National Restaurant Association surveyed almost 1600 chefs across the country and these are their top 20 trends in restaurant eating they say we will see in 2016:

  1. Locally sourced meats and seafood
  2. Chef-driven fast-casual concepts
  3. Locally grown produce
  4. Hyper-local sourcing
  5. Natural ingredients
  6. Environmental sustainability
  7. Healthful kids’ meals
  8. New cuts of meat
  9. Sustainable seafood
  10. House-made Artisan ice cream
  11. Ethnic condiments/spices
  12. Authentic ethnic cuisine
  13. Farm/estate branded items
  14. Artisan butchery
  15. Ancient grains
  16. Ethnic-inspired breakfast items
  17. Fresh house-made sausage
  18. House-made artisan pickles
  19. Food waste reduction
  20. Street food trucks

Some trends they say to watch include veggie-centric meals, uncooked food items, and African flavors.

On the way out, according to the chefs, are kale salads and gluten-free cuisine!

Putting Trends into Action for Our Health

Looking to the new year and making our personal health goals for change requires careful thought. What do we really want to achieve?

Should we look to change our health over the long haul, not just try to make a short term change to get into that dress, or look a certain way for a reunion?

Making a plan with actionable steps to make significant improvements in your health is a great goal. We all still have time to gather our thoughts, become introspective about how we want to alter our lifestyle to face the future in health, and set actionable goals to achieve success.

You can download this guide to help you formulate your goals and action steps for achieving them and give yourself the path to success you need.

Looking at our goals and action steps, will incorporating more veggie-based meals into our week’s menus help lower our blood lipids (cholesterol and LDL) or reduce our weight? What if we begin bringing lunch with us every day in a portion controlled bento box? How can we take some traditional family recipes and make them healthier with a Recipe Renovation?

Deciding on a path, writing it down and working towards achieving it, no matter if we eat at home or dine out, is doable!

No one said it was easy or effortless but our time will be well spent on making 2016 our healthiest year yet!

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