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I see some nutrition information on the front of the box. How do I use that information?

The nutrition information you find on front of the box is called Facts Up Front. This is a voluntary nutrition labeling system using government regulated nutrition information.

It tells us the calories per serving, saturated fat, sodium and sugar which are important because we usually need to cut back on these. It also gives the content of a few nutrients we need to eat more such as fiber, protein and other nutrients as long as the food contains 10% or more of the daily value per serving and is considered a good source according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is based on one serving and can be used to compare different foods to help them meet your personal needs. The facts up front gives you a snapshot of the food to make it easier to compare. To get the most information about the foods you are considering purchasing, you can read the full nutrition fact panel.

The facts up front label is another tool to help you decide which foods fit into your individual plan. Will this food help you manage your blood pressure due to a lower sodium content or give you the iron you need to help anemia? Does it contain more sugar than you should eat because of diabetes?

Almost 80% of food manufacturers have adopted the Facts Up Front label. Therefore, there may be some foods that you can’t find nutrition information on the front of the box. However, all labels are required to carry the nutrition fact panel so the information you need will be found there.

The more information we have available to us helps us be informed consumers and hopefully making it easier to select the healthiest foods for ourselves and our families.

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