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I have been diagnosed with diverticular disease for some years now. I have been told not to eat nuts and seeds but now I was told it is ok. Which is right?

Diverticular disease, often called diverticulosis or diverticulitis when it is acting up, is a common condition affecting one third of the population and two thirds of those over 85.

It was thought that some indigestible fibers such as corn, seeds and nuts could get lodged into a pouch in the intestines causing an inflammation in a diverticula or diverticulitis. There has been no scientific evidence linking those foods to the condition so doctors are no longer recommending restrictions.

Currently the recommendation based on research is for those affected to consume a high fiber diet throughout the year to keep the stool moving through the bowels.

Researchers also state that eating nuts, corn, and seeds including those found in tomatoes, strawberries, zucchini, cucumber and poppy seeds have not been shown to prevent a flare up and don’t need to be avoided.

A diet consisting of 25-35 grams of fiber a day and enough fluids to help keep you regular will help prevent problems with diverticular disease.

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