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Camp Menus

Camp Food Service Needs

Let our knowledge and experience help you meet the needs of your camp and campers. We will assure that your menus are appropriate for your campers and activities, showing you how to meet their needs and government regulations with the food YOU want to serve.

  • If you have menus already:
    • Review of your menus for nutritional adequacy
    • Assessment of your menus by our registered dietitian to ensure that they meet approved nationally recognized standards for nutritional adequacy
    • Evaluation of your menus based on the age of your campers and specific to their nutritional needs
    • Recommendations for modification of your menu planning to better meet the standards
    • Approval letter with the recommendations and a full report of nutritional adequacy so that you will be compliant with all regulations will be provided
    • Suggestions for modifications provided for your current menus for a variety of food allergies, medical conditions or physical accommodations that you may require
    • Assistance with recipes
  • Writing menus if you do not currently have menus available
  • Training your staff on
    • HACCP topics
    • food borne illness
    • food safety
    • proper food handling
    • cleaning and sanitizing
    • any food service topic your facility staff can benefit learning
  • Inspection of your operation by performing mock surveys to help you assure compliance with standards
  • Provision of a large variety of food service forms to keep your operation compliant
  • Availability of nutrition education materials and activities for your campers

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