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Kitchen Magic for Meals that are Delicious, Easy AND Nutritious

Kitchen Magic for Meals that are Delicious, Easy AND Nutritious

We all want to eat food that we enjoy.

Who likes to eat food that tastes like cardboard or sticks?

No one!

And we don’t want preparing good tasting food to take forever!

However, many of us would be healthier eating some foods that have a better nutritional profile compared to what we might now be eating.

Does what we eat for our health have to be tasteless or difficult to prepare?

Just because it is healthy, it shouldn’t require many ingredients and hours of cooking to make it to the table.

Food can be delicious and nutritious for you and your family as well as easy to make . . . 

. . . and it doesn’t really take magic to have it all!

Tips to Make It Nutritious

Meals don’t have to be one thing or the other. They can meet all your needs for flavor and nutrition while not taking more than an hour to pull together.

We don’t need to visit the drive through on the way home to get a nutrition-lacking meal for the family so they can eat before it is time for bed!

Here are some ideas to bring it all to the table:

  1. Use more fresh ingredients in your family favorites. Fresh food has more flavor than canned or frozen items when cooked in your own kitchen. Fresh steamed vegetables cooked in the microwave are tasty, nutritious and fast!
  2. Grill more proteins, whether on the barbecue grill or a griddle or panini maker in the house. Grilled chicken, pork, fish, beef, or vegetables with some fresh herbs and spices are delicious all without added fats! While you are outside grilling, double the portions of the item you are grilling to use later in the week in another dish – cook once and eat twice!
  3. Explore some recipes using ingredients you don’t often prepare that can be quick and easy – plus nutritious – to make, such as wheat pasta with steamed veggies, avocado instead of mayo, stir fry meals, and new cuisines with a punch of flavor including Asian, Indian or Southwest meals.
  4. Use a different cooking method that can take the time out of preparation, such as slow cooking or pressure cooking, wok cooking or casserole baking. Putting ingredients on to cook as you work or clean up the kitchen as you go can save you time while you get a good meal.
  5. Use fresh spices and herbs. Growing your own herb garden on the kitchen windowsill all throughout the year, buying fresh herbs in the produce section or adding frozen whole herbs will flavor your meals without adding ingredients that aren’t as healthy as can be such as salt or fat.
  6. Prep your meal ingredients at a time that is less busy for you, such as right after grocery shopping, on the weekend, or on a slower night of the week. Cutting veggies, preparing a menu, making a grocery list, checking the pantry for staples, or precooking some things for later in the week will help you serve meals that taste good because they are made with love and more nutritious because you prepared to make it in your own kitchen instead of hurrying home with a bag.

More Recipe Renovation Tips

Creating healthier versions of the foods that you serve your family is a goal that feels good to achieve.

My cookbook Recipe Renovation® for the Health of It can help you renovate your recipes using healthier ingredients, finding substitutions for less healthy food items or cooking it in a way to preserve the most nutrients. 

Inside my book you will find more tips to makeover your favorite meals and make the most of your menus!

Through these renovation tips you will learn to reduce the fat, sodium, and calories at the same time you increase the good nutrition your body needs like fiber, vitamins and minerals.

The best part is the flavor will wow you and your family! They just might think you’ve worked some kitchen magic.

What we eat can change not only our health but also our happiness, so finding the right combination of nutrition, flavor and ease will be sure to be worth your investment!

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

― Virginia Woolf


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