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Start Planning Now to Get Health on Target After The Holidays

Start Planning Now to Get Health on Target After The Holidays

The holiday season is associated with overeating our favorite family meals.

Not to mention snacks, desserts, candies, and so much more!

Even if the food is healthy and homemade, we tend to eat more and more often than we normally do during the rest of the year.

Most of us fall off the wagon, so to speak, and put our health goals on hold (or maybe forget we have them) during the bustle of the holidays.

We may be traveling and entertaining where food that is served is not our usual fare.

What can we do to overcome our holiday indulgences and get our health goals back on target?

First Step On the Road to Success

The first step to resuming our healthy behaviors is to re-state our goals.

Do we have them written down so we can remind ourselves from time to time where we’re headed for health?

Did we make a contract and set timelines? If we did, are we meeting the benchmarks we set?

Have we been implementing the action steps we created even before the holidays that will help meet our goals, both short and long term?

Once we get back to the basics of our health goals, we can determine our next step.

If you need help with setting new goals or getting ready for the upcoming New Year’s goals, you might want to check out this goal setting information and downloadable plan to help you put your health in the forefront of your lifestyle. 

Next Step On Your Path

Once we have reminded ourselves of our desired goals, it is time to begin completing an action plan.

If we decided that exercising three times a week will help meet our health goal, now is the time to get physical!

If the plan included learning a few more healthy recipes, we should start finding healthy alternatives and buy the food ingredients needed to start cooking!

Having a goal and even the steps to achieve it isn’t the end. It’s necessary to participate in the goal process and complete the action steps to succeed, no matter what our health goal is.

Achieving Success However You Define It

Many of us want to be healthy, want to lose a few pounds, or improve a health outcome, such as lowering our blood pressure.

Some of us may want to run our first 5K race.

Others may want to be able to pick up our kids or grandkids without straining, so need to build muscle mass.

Having a dream for improved health, creating our health goals and then determining what steps we are willing and able to do to achieve success means we are taking charge of our health.

Then we must keep going.

Don’t let a holiday overindulgence keep you from achieving your goals.

We all may stumble with our healthy lifestyle pursuits, but each day is a new opportunity for greatness.

Action Steps for Today

Put aside what occurred over the holiday or during your vacation or at your birthday party and renew your commitment to your own health as each new day breaks.

Start planning what holiday gifts you can request this year that will help you meet your health goals. Maybe new weights, new workout gear, or a gym membership should be on your gift wish list.

Once you recommit to your health, the holidays will be a fond memory and tomorrow will be bright with the promise of success.

Good luck and here’s to your health!

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