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Put More Fiber in Your Menus – With Food that Tastes Good

Put More Fiber in Your Menus – With Food that Tastes Good

Fiber! We all know we need more of it but we really don’t want to eat cardboard and twigs!

You can increase the fiber in your menus without sacrificing good taste!

Fiber is found in a variety of different foods that we eat every day. 

More and more foods are coming to the market with more fiber in their content such as pasta noodles.

Here are some tips to offer fiber daily on your menus:

  1. Offer fresh fruit with each meal on the menu.
  2. Offer side salads, coleslaw or steamed veggies with each meal you serve.
  3. Substitute brown rice whenever you serve rice.
  4. Substitute whole wheat pasta on the menu.
  5. Use whole grain breads, crackers and rolls in your bread basket.
  6. Offer sandwich options with whole wheat breads such as honey wheat, rye and pumpernickel.
  7. Always use lettuce, tomatoes, onions and green peppers on your sandwiches.
  8. Sprinkle oats, nuts, seeds, cranberries, fresh fruits or wheat germ in salads.
  9. Serve potatoes and other vegetables with their skins.
  10. Offer beans in a multitude of varieties as side dishes.
  11. If you serve breakfast, use wheat pancakes, muffins, rolls and cereals.  Give with a side of fresh fruit.
  12. Have plenty of water available.

Most people should be eating 25 grams of fiber each day. 

Every extra whole grain and fiber containing item you can add to the menu to make it easier to get more of the fiber we need daily will be appreciated by your customers.

If you need help, information or have more suggestions for getting the fiber onto your menus, please contact us at Nutrition for the Health of It today!

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