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Healthier Holiday Eggnog – A Recipe Renovation™ of a Traditional Favorite

Healthier Holiday Eggnog – A Recipe Renovation™ of a Traditional Favorite

We all love the holidays and the special foods that have become traditions and evoke joyous family memories.

One of those special food traditions is eggnog.

Many of us enjoy a cup or two of eggnog both at home and when we’re at a party.

Eggnog is thick and creamy with a touch of spice (for some, maybe an added kick). Despite our enjoyment, it has somehow become something most don’t drink outside the holidays.

Did you know that eggnog means eggs in a cup? The original version was a drink of the more affluent who could afford both milk and eggs.

In Europe eggnog was served using brandy, Madeira or sherry for its kick. Once in America, rum was added since that was much cheaper compared to English alcohol due to high taxes. After eggnog made its way south, bourbon became the alcohol of choice. A rich and sweet beverage, it is often thought of as a liquid dessert.

Traditional Eggnog Full of Calories & Fat

To be so rich and delicious, eggnog is also loaded with calories and fat. A cup or two can derail the best workout strategy. But who wants to be a party pooper and refuse this traditional treat?

Here is a recipe renovation to make a slimmer version that still goes down smoothly! You can have a little extra of this renovated egg nog without all the guilt! Relax and enjoy the party! This recipe is light and fluffy and full of flavor and got two thumbs up from my toughest critic! I hope you try it and give your guests a treat!

Nutritional Comparison
(4 ounce serving)
Traditional Eggnog
Recipe Renovation Eggnog
Total Fat136
Saturated Fat83.25
Total Carbohydrate52.3

Recipe Renovation Egg Nog


Egg Substitute to equal 6 yolks (1 yolk=1/2 whole egg)

¾ cup Sugar Substitute

½ teaspoon Vanilla

¼ teaspoon Nutmeg, ground

1/3 cup Bourbon or Dark Rum (optional if prefer)

3 cups Light Whipping Cream

2 cups Milk, 2%

6 egg Whites

6 Tablespoons Sugar Substitute (in addition to the amount above)

Additional nutmeg for garnish as desired


Beat egg substitute at high speed about 6 minutes until thick.

Gradually add sugar substitute, vanilla and nutmeg beating constantly.

Stir in light cream, 2% milk, and bourbon. You may want to blend with mixer about 30 seconds to combine.

Chill mixture in refrigerator.

Beat egg whites until soft peaks form then gently add 6 Tablespoons of sugar substitute.

Take egg whites and fold into egg yolk mixture until combined.

Serve immediately.

Sprinkle with additional nutmeg if desired.

Makes 24 four ounce portions

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