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Recipe Renovation™ Tasty Mock Lime Cheesecake

Recipe Renovation™ Tasty Mock Lime Cheesecake

Holiday or anytime, many of us enjoy dessert with our meal.

While we all are drawn to temptation with delicious tasting foods, being able to enjoy a dessert and knowing it won’t derail our healthy eating goals gives us a definite win-win!

A favorite dessert for many people is cheesecake.

Did you know that we love cheesecake so much there is a National Cheesecake Day? There is and the next one is July 30! It is an unofficial holiday but will be celebrated by many with a thick slice of creamy goodness.

Different Ways to Create Cheesecake

There are many different ways to create cheesecake depending on where in the world you eat it. For instance, Italian cheesecake is made with ricotta, United States and Canada cooks use cream cheese and in the Netherlands and Germany they cook with quark.

Cheesecake, no matter where you live, is generally a mixture of soft fresh cheese, cream cheese or cottage cheese, eggs and sugar on a crust made from crushed graham crackers, crushed cookies, pastry or sponge cake.

mock lime cheesecake whole NFHOISometimes it is baked and other times it is refrigerated only.

I prefer to enjoy our Recipe Renovation™ lime version, which is lower in fat and calories but high in taste and creaminess.

I have been making this version for many years and everyone loves it! It is light, creamy and flavorful.

Nutritional Comparison

As with all our Recipe Renovations, specific ingredients are substituted to reduce a variety of nutritional totals. It could be lower in sodium, fat, cholesterol, or calories or higher in fiber or nutrients when the ingredients are altered. 

This Recipe Renovation™ cheesecake is lower in calories and fat (SAT, MUFA, PUFA,  and Chol) and higher in protein. Those are changes that will keep my health goals happy and yours too!

The one thing that is unchanged is that it tastes great!

Nutrition FactsTraditional Cheesecake
Mock Lime Cheesecake
Protein, g79
Carbohydrate, g3327
Total Fat, g298
Saturated Fat, g131
Monounsat. Fat, g114
Polyunsat. Fat, g22
Cholesterol, mg702
Fiber, g11
Sodium, mg265363
Recipe Renovation™ Mock Lime Cheesecake
Serves 8
Creamy, fresh, light and delicious version of cheesecake that will help you keep your health goals on track!
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  1. Unflavored gelatin, 1 envelope
  2. Hot water, 1/4 cup
  3. Cold water, 1/4 cup
  4. 1% Cottage cheese, 2 cups
  5. Granulated sugar, 1/3 cup
  6. Yogurt, plain low fat, 1/4 cup (or flavored such as key lime pie)
  7. Vanilla extract, 1 1/2 teaspoons
  8. Lime zest, grated, 2 teaspoons
  9. Graham cracker crust : 2 cups graham cracker crumbs (about 14 full sheets of graham crackers), 3 tablespoons canola oil
  1. 1. Create the cheesecake crust by crumbling 2 cups graham crackers in food processor until ground finely. Add the oil and mix well. Press crumb mixture into bottom and sides of pie plate coated with release spray. Bake in 350 degree oven for 10 minutes. Allow crust to cool.
  2. 2. In small bowl, add cool water to contents of gelatin envelope to moisten then add hot water until gelatin is dissolved.
  3. 3. In large bowl, use handheld blender or immersion blender to cream the cottage cheese until smooth. Will take a few minutes to reach desired creaminess.
  4. 4. Add sugar, yogurt, vanilla, and lime peel to creamy cheese and mix together well.
  5. 5. Pour into cooled pie crust and refrigerate until firm (at least one hour).
  6. 6. Decorate with lime slices.
  1. Serves 8
  2. For a variation in the crust: You can add cinnamon or nutmeg to crumbs, use ginger snaps or chocolate graham crackers for crumbs.
  3. For a variation in design: Add fresh fruit slices on top of cheesecake.
  4. For a flavor variation: Substitute fresh lemon for the lime.
  5. Topping: Use melted low-sugar jam and pour over cheesecake, example strawberry jam.
  6. For a sweetening variation: use 1/3 cup apple juice in place of sugar; use a non-nutritive sweetener in place of sugar
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