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2019 Food Trends For the Health of It!

2019 Food Trends For the Health of It!

The year is drawing to a close, which means it is time to wrap up the old and bring in the new.

Will the new trends be the latest and the greatest or quickly fall by the wayside?

Will these food fads be what your palate has been waiting patiently to try?

Did you even get around to trying what was trending in 2018?

At the Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo held recently, the hottest trends in foods for the upcoming year were featured front and center. In addition to this showcase, other industry experts have begun compiling their lists too.

Let’s explore some of what is sure to be coming to a restaurant or supermarket near you.

Food Trends for 2019

Get ready to hear about the many different lists emerging in the coming months announcing new food trends with the majority of sources including the same foods.

The trends we will review now come from the 6th annual Culinary Trends report from the Sterling-Rice Group. They are leaders spotting trends in the food industry.

Their report encompasses many different trends, including farming techniques and artificial intelligence, not just particular food items. Here are their findings:

  1. Butter makes a comeback. You will see it more on the restaurant table, in the foods chefs cook, and even in new recipes you will prepare.
  2. Goodbye sugar, hello bitter. As more of us avoid sugar, the flavor race seems to be won by bitter tastes in food.
  3. Lettuce moves from the salad bowl to other parts of the meal, including vegetable juices. How the lettuce is grown will become important, to the point that even the growing method will be listed on menus, such as hydroponically grown. (This is likely related to the overwhelming food recalls of our supply of salad greens)
  4. Root vegetables rise in popularity. As the interest in plants continues to rise, vegetables like cassava, Japanese yams, parsnips, jicama, and white potatoes are appearing more and are being cooked in non-traditional ways.
  5. Artificial intelligence or machine learning is helping restaurants and manufacturers better determine what consumers want in real-time to capitalize on trends.

Other trends you will find:

  • Street food will impact our food culture, with many areas seeing food trucks grow in prominence (Have you seen the rise of food trucks in your area?)
  • Jackfruit finds its way into sweet and savory dishes
  • Plant based proteins like pea protein, nuts, and seeds
  • Pasta made from legumes such as chick pea pasta
  • Probiotic strains appear in even more foods including sparkling water and aren’t just for yogurt anymore
  • Low FODMAP foods coming to market to help those who experience bloating after eating certain foods, foods will be labeled directly to those who need them
  • More types of non-dairy ‘milks’ including those made from sesame seeds, oats and even bananas

Some of these new foods will find met by consumers anxiously awaiting them. There are even a few here I will be happy to eat at home and dining out.

I am looking forward to many more technology advances informing us where the food we are eating originates, especially when food recalls are becoming so frequent. How and where our food is grown or raised plus what sustainable practices are used is important information for consumers too.

People with physical conditions that can be improved when they eat specific foods, such as to help their gut health or limit added sugars, will be happy with some of these trends.

Technology and consumer demand will continue to shape our food system into trends that will help us all for the health of it!



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