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Are you adding vegetables to your menus?

Ask Kathy is turning the tables and asking you a question today!

How many different vegetables does your family eat each week?

According to the information the United States Department of Agriculture found in their latest survey, potatoes are 30% and tomatoes are 22% of all vegetables grown and processed for us to eat. When you add lettuce at 7%, the total of these three vegetables is 59%!

Are you eating primarily potatoes and tomatoes?

We do love our potatoes in all forms and salad with tomatoes. The downside to eating only these vegetables is the real likelihood that we are not getting enough vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

What happened to eating a rainbow and including a variety on our plates each day?

Besides the lack of variety and nutritional completeness for our families, the survey found that two thirds of the potatoes processed were in the form of french fries and potato chips. Oh my!

Only 30% of the tomatoes grown per person were eaten in their fresh form. The rest were processed into canned tomatoes, ketchup, soup or sauces.

Tomatoes and potatoes do offer good nutritional content in all their varieties but if we are selecting these as the mainstays of our vegetable intake, we are missing out on nutrition.

The many dark green, orange and other colorful vegetables provide valuable nutrients when added to our plate not found in abundance in just potatoes and tomatoes.

We may also be missing important sources of fiber when we limit our intake to a few items instead of getting all the variety we should.

Do most of us think using other vegetables is too time consuming or costly? If you make other vegetables part of your routine, buy them frozen or fresh in season preparing them before they wilt, you will find that neither is true. They can fit into your budget and are easy to incorporate into your weekly menu if you plan ahead!

The payoff in variety, acceptance and nutrition will be big for you and your family when you add color to your plate!

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