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How do I cut mangoes? I love taste but afraid to buy.

Mangoes are delicious, nutritious and refreshing. We love adding them to our recipes and meals too!

There are things to keep in mind when using fresh mangoes in your family meals and snacks.

When selecting which mango to buy at the supermarket, find one that gives slightly when you squeeze it. The color varies so this isn’t usually an indication of ripeness. Some ripe mango varieties will have a fruity scent at the stem end.

Don’t refrigerate mangoes until fully ripe, they ripen at room temperature becoming sweeter as they age. Once they are ripe you can refrigerate to keep them fresh for up to five days. You can peel and cut them placing in an air tight container and freeze them up to six months.

Like all produce, wash the mango before cutting.

Cutting a mango can be tricky because the seed is long and flat. It takes a little trial and error to cut around this long seed.

Place the mango stem end down on the cutting board.  Slice down one side at a time about ¼ of an inch inside the widest point. Once you remove the two largest sides or ‘cheeks’ you can cut crosswise in the flesh, be careful to keep the skin intact, and then scoop out the diced pieces.

To get larger pieces you can use a mango splitter that will cut around the seed similar to an apple cutter.

Mangoes are great in many different recipes that you and your family will love in addition to eating them raw or in fruit salads. We especially love mango chutney on our fish or poultry and mango salsa with chips. They are great grilled too!

Eating a mango is a tasty way to get the recommended amount of fruit servings you need each day and a good source of nutrition. One cup of mango is 100 calories and full of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin C, A, B6, and folate. Like other fresh fruit, it is a good source of fiber too!

Mangoes can be found throughout the year depending on the variety so enjoy!

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