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How do I eat a Pomegranate?

This is a great question because so many people avoid pomegranates and other foods that look out of the ordinary for fear they won’t know how to eat or prepare them.

Pomegranates are one such fruit that we know are really good for us nutritionally but a little scary to use.

Pomegranates are referred to by several names including Chinese apple, the Jewel of Autumn and even grenades by some. Pomegranates are fruits that come in season from September to February. Most pomegranates come to market ripe but to be sure when buying that you are getting a ripe one, pick one that is heavy with firm skin. The skin is red with a leathery texture. A pomegranate can be stored on the counter for several days or up to three months refrigerated in a plastic bag.

The skin is thick and the seeds can number anywhere from 200-1400 in each fruit. The seeds themselves are surrounded by a pulp and sit in a white membrane. The juice and seed are called arils.

To prepare a pomegranate you will cut into the skin by first scoring it, cut the blossom end and then break it open to separate the seeds from both the peel and the membrane. Many people turn the cut fruit over a bowl and hit the back which results in the seeds dropping out. The seeds are eaten raw.

Many of us enjoy the taste of pomegranates as a juice and also in cocktails as grenadine. They can be used in cooking and even for decorating your home.

Pomegranates and their juice are being studied for their ability to lower blood pressure and affect heart disease risk due to their antioxidant properties. Research also continues into the compounds contained in pomegranates and their effect on a multitude of cancers including breast, prostate, colon and leukemia.

Pomegranates are good sources of Vitamin C, fiber, and potassium as well as rich in antioxidants. It has been called a superfood due to its nutrient content.

I hope you enjoy learning about this delicious and nutritious fruit so you won’t fear its unique appearance! It can be fun to explore new food experiences especially with your kids!

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