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Latest Tech For Nutrition and Health for the Entire Family

Latest Tech For Nutrition and Health for the Entire Family

Technology innovation in the world of nutrition and health is an important topic with which to stay informed.

Yes, it can be fun, too!

It is ever-changing like most areas of technology and science.

I just attended the international conference that brings forth new and innovative technologies – CES® 2016 – and found a lot of new products that are of interest to health minded people.

Every year the Consumer Technology Association presents CES, hosting the world’s consumer technology products, innovators, experts, and more. MUCH more!

Categories of innovation include digital health, fitness tech, family tech, kids@play, lifestyle technology, sports tech, 3D printing, wearables, robotics, automotive technology, cybersecurity, connectivity, and marketing strategies for tech products.


CES farmboxSome technology devices and gadgets we may already use but are being constantly improved upon with the latest connectivity and design features. Some devices and applications are new and just finding a place in the market for us. Some are wild ideas that may never get traction because of their unusual designs, usability or cost.

Latest Health Tech Innovations

Here is just a glimpse at some of the newest ideas geared toward health, wellness, fitness and nutrition which you might see soon:

Wearables That Look Like Jewelry

NFTHOI wearables jewelryThere is much more bling in the world of wearables, making them look like jewelry and not workout wear.

Our fitness bands have become high fashion. Hopefully we can do the same with fitness itself.

Device manufacturers are partnering with major fashion houses and even Swarovski to bring primary users — women, a new look.

You can track your steps and be in style.

Some bands will even help you take a selfie and listen to your playlist with just a click on the band.

Fitness Wearables Doing More

Wearables are trying to do more for us to make them a more consistent part of our routine and not be put in the drawer after a few short weeks or months.

One wearable, called WeCoach Pro, will set up a customized body building plan acting as our personal trainer.
NFTHOI running shoe wearableThere is also an updated version of the only fitness wearable that features automatic body metrics GoBe 1.2 by Healbe – calories, steps, hydration, BP, heart rate and sleep without entering anything.

How about a sneaker that is a wearable device! It tracks all your steps and workout information from the sole of the shoe! Under Armour is hoping to turn our clothes into gadgets!

Wearables for Pets

Could your family pet benefit from his own fitness wearable? Canhegat has the first connected pendant for pets to track their fitness, exercise and energy expenditure to help the entire family be fit and healthy.

3D Food Printing

Customization in food using 3D printers. We will see more chocolatiers, food manufacturers, chefs, and even party planners using more 3D printed foods as the technology becomes more user friendly and affordable.

Someday we will all use them at home too, according to some. Already chocolate as ‘ink’ is making custom designed creations easy to make and are being used in many places.

The future of 3D printing will be determined by whether manufacturers can make their printers worthwhile in cost or size for adoption by every day consumers – in the home.

Tech Help in the Kitchen

Robots to help you cook a healthy meal in the future or even now. A hands free robotic cooker that will stir your food, monitor its cooking time, do 3D cooking, and have programmable controls that let you do something else while the device ‘watches the pot.’

NFTHOI tech help in kitchenAnother device helps you make anything in a blender using a scale and an app for consistent preparation and nutritional information.

The app provides nutrition information even when you add your own recipe, gives meal plan help, and allows you to find recipes for only the foods you have on hand. 

The smart food scale allows you to add ingredients without measuring and get the perfect amount included each time.

Another type of food scale will measure your food on the plate, give you nutritional content after you tell it what it is such as chicken breast, wheat roll and broccoli with butter. It basically weighs food giving nutritional information based on specific portion control and is geared to help people lose weight by not overestimating their portions.

Smartwatch Apps

Smartwatch applications that can bring your health to your wrist, monitoring all aspects of your health and be the hub for all your health information, are continuing to improve and expand in the marketplace.

Smart Kitchens

NFTHOI innerview food cameraChanges in the design of our kitchens to include smart features that will help us cook and clean up include counters and backsplashes that resist spills, analyzing our favorite recipes for nutritional content, appliances that are connected to meet each families specific needs, and refrigerators that tell us when the milk is about to expire.

All our smart appliances will be able to communicate with each other and alert us if trouble brews.

Wireless Earbuds

How about wireless earbuds that can stream your favorite music for your workout without the bother of the cables dangling in your way?

Would you like wireless headphones that don’t damage your hearing in use but instead send sound waves to your bones, bypassing the eardrum? Bone conducting headphones designed to protect hearing and allow the wearer to stay aware of surroundings are here.

Parenting Tech

Could new moms and dads use a portable system that helps heat water and prepare baby bottles and is thermostatically controlled for proper heating each time? It looks like K-cups for baby’s bottles made by Gerber and coming to market in a few months.

Maybe an air quality monitor to ensure that your baby and family are breathing the best quality of air without pollutants or allergens in the home will be useful to families.NFTHOI temp traq

A temperature monitor for family members of all ages called the TempTraq Connect would be useful to closely monitor a person who is ill. It is a continuous monitor that will alert you when their temperature reaches one you preset in the app.

This product helps you and them rest at ease knowing they are being closely monitored without waking them for a reading and monitor them at a distance.

Tech for Moms-to-Be

Pregnant women will be able to expand their knowledge about their baby bump using a wearable called ExtantFuture Pregnancy Assistant that can give them data on what the baby is doing.

Pregnant moms who suffer from nausea and vomiting during the first trimester can try out the Reliefband, which sends impulses through the body to impede the nausea.

You can now test for pregnancy and remotely inform others of the results via Bluetooth.

Sleep Improvement Technology

NFTHOI bedditSleep monitoring continues to be a hot topic for technology innovations especially as we learn more about sleep deprivation impacting our health. Several sleep themed ideas are emerging and showcased this year.

Some of these new products include sleeping lights that induce better sleep via sound and light; dreaming stereo which helps with deep sleep, Sleep Phones that state that they are “pajamas for your ears” headphones that lull you to sleep and Beddit which is a sleep tracker that “turns your bed into a smart bed” as well as other manufacturers of smart beds.

Some Tech Here Now, Much More on the Way

Some of these products are already available and can be purchased online either at the company’s website or via internet retailers like Amazon.

The expectation is that some of these ideas that might be useful to you now, could be improved over the next year to be even more useful and perhaps more affordable. Smart devices have gotten better by using cellular networks and Bluetooth connections too.

The future of technology and health is bound to be exciting, with more solutions to our daily problems big and small.

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