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Fitness, Health, Activity Bands Gain Key Sensing Capability!

Fitness, Health, Activity Bands Gain Key Sensing Capability!

Have you been using a health and fitness wearable to track your fitness progress?

If you are like me, you love to get motivation from your activity band.

I have been using my band for almost one and a half years, making a habit to use it every day.

I guess I am a little competitive, so I use my fitness band to get myself moving. I can see at a glance when I have been tethered to my computer too long and my steps are lagging behind my daily goal. Trying to do better than I did the day before really brings out the fight in me and gets me moving toward my health goals especially since I have no excuses, the proof is written on my smartphone.

Another key area I love tracking is my water intake. I, like many people, fall behind in the amount of water I should be drinking each day. The reminder from my band’s app is what I need to take a drink and finish all the glasses I should every day.

Because I love technology, I have kept a close watch on health wearables and how new innovations will make tracking our health and fitness even easier! Enter the automatic fitness and health band that senses my body’s metrics.

Sensing Health Wearables

One of the latest fitness and health bands to come to market was launched at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, the GoBe made by Healbe. I have been very fortunate and excited to be selected to test this new “automatic body manager” band. It operates by using three sensors – impedance, pressure, and accelerometer, which read your body’s signs, automatically logging your calorie intake as well as other biometrics.

I recently got my new band which, unlike other fitness and health bands, automatically records my vital signs and calorie intake in addition to recording my fitness metrics using sensors embedded in the band. Similar to my current fitness/activity band, I can track my steps and active minutes plus my fluid intake.

Both types of wearable fitness and health bands monitor sleep habits indicating whether or not you are getting a restful sleep for an appropriate amount of time to allow your body to rejuvenate.

Advantages of An Automatic Sensing Band

The beauty of this new innovation is that now I have to enter NOTHING! The GoBe band not only shows me the number of steps I take but my calorie expenditure up to the minute without the need to enter any data. It senses my calorie intake and shows me if I am in balance for the day. It plots the data on a graph for the day that shows me how my body utilizes the calories I eat.
gobe dashboard

I love the fact that it also allows me to see my heart rate and blood pressure without needing to use any other medical device to monitor my health. The GoBe is not a medical device but gives me helpful information that I can use to make improvements in my health habits!

The GoBe also senses my stress level which goes hand in hand with my blood pressure. Knowing my stress level and blood pressure has the ability to help me make lifestyle choices that positively impact my stress and blood pressure.

Just like other fitness and health bands, it links with a smartphone app which allows me to keep close watch on my numbers. The GoBe gives me little reminders such as “Relax” or “Drink More” when I need them.

The GoBe band is new to the market and is the cutting edge in innovation. There are still kinks that need working out which is why I and others are testing it.

Devices Only Provide Benefits When We Use Them

I am confident that a personal fitness band that can automatically sense (record) valuable health information so that we can track it in order to stay healthy and meet our personal health goals will be the future of wearables. The best part is there is no time consuming data entry required in order to yield meaningful data.

The biggest negative to fitness and health bands is the failure of us to wear them. Oftentimes we say we get tired of entering information because we get used to the information we get back. Using an automatic sensing band takes the work out of obtaining useful and motivating data.

It didn’t take long to see the beauty in not having to enter my every bite into the app to get information that keeps my competitive edge strong and my feet moving so that I achieve balance!

I will keep you updated on how it is going!

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