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Time for “Play Ball” – But Don’t Forget Healthy Eating at the Stadium

Time for “Play Ball” – But Don’t Forget Healthy Eating at the Stadium

Take me out to the ball game…

Who doesn’t love going to the ball park, especially when it means spending a great day with family and friends, cheering for the players, having fun with the mascots and enjoying some of the foods that are traditions at the venue?

Unfortunately, we know that eating healthy in most of America’s ball parks is not an easy task.

The typical stadium fare consists of french fries, fried chicken, pizza, BBQ, nachos, beer and ice cream … and let’s not forget your red hot hotdogs! There are usually very few choices for someone who is on a weight loss program or who just wants to eat healthy foods.

It is pretty tough to use MyPlate at the ball park!

Healthy Eating at the Baseball Stadium

In order to consider the best options for a day with the family at the ballpark, a good look around at the different parks in the country shows that there may be something of a movement toward offering a few items that are healthier.

  • Inside many parks around the country there are actual restaurants where you can get a good healthy meal instead of depending on concession stands and fast foods. These may be pricier but the increased healthier options, such as grilled protein and salads, could be worth it when you’re keeping your weight program on track.
  • Many ball parks around the country are beginning to add some items on the menu, such as veggie dogs, nuts, frozen yogurt, black bean burgers, several varieties of sushi and edamame, water, peanuts, vegetable Panini, vegan Chicago dog, low fat turkey sandwich, Asian vegetable stir fry with lo mein, or veggie cheesesteak. Hopefully your favorite park is offering a few of these items too.
  • Eating before you come or waiting until you leave is always another option, especially if you sneak a little snack in with you (shhh – we won’t tell).

Certainly going occasionally to a baseball stadium and taking the opportunity to splurge on some items you don’t usually allow yourself to eat or building them into your week’s calorie allotment, combined with workouts, is something that many of us are willing to do. Sometimes breaking out of the regular eating plan makes it easier to stick with it the rest of the time.

Ask Them to Stock Healthy Food

Those stadiums that stock healthier fare are doing so because they know fans want it. Either they have heard the requests or they have performed surveys to find out (maybe both). They are, after all, seeking to get more customers to the games and getting them to spend money once they’re at the park.

If you are among those looking for healthier food at the game (and we encourage you to be one), we hope you’ll ask for it. The more consumers that ask for healthy options and are willing to put our money where our mouths are when we visit, the more foods they will offer for all of us looking for some fresh fruit or healthy items to include on our day of fun!

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