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Healthy Halloween Treats for Costumed Kids & Their Parents

Healthy Halloween Treats for Costumed Kids & Their Parents

Halloween time and every parent wants to stock up on treats for all the ghosts and goblins that come knocking on their door on Halloween night. We want to give them things that they will enjoy to help fill their goodies bags.

We remember all the great treats we got when we were kids and knew every one of our neighbors by name and probably spent time in their homes too.

I still remember my favorite treats from my favorite neighbors! (more about that in a minute!)

Many of us are also trying to give our kids and their friends healthy foods. We know how important it is to serve healthy items even if it is a special occasion.

We may be struggling with overweight kids or having trouble allowing our children to roam free to play after school when we are at work so they don’t get as much activity as we would like every day.

There are fun things we can give all the trick-or-treaters and feel good about their health. Here are some of my favorite Halloween goodies for the ghosts and goblins including my own (and me, after all I might want to eat what is leftover!).

Healthy Treats for Kids (and Parents!)

Naturally we have considerations when giving out treats to kids who come to our front door, such as safety and allergens. All foods should be individually wrapped, not homemade treats, unless it is a in-home party and we need to use caution about giving out foods with common allergens such as nut-containing foods.

Food Treats:

  • Raisins
  • Yogurt covered raisins or other fruits
  • Real fruit snacks
  • Pretzel treats
  • Mini microwave popcorn
  • Cutie or clementine orange
  • Apple
  • Apple Caramel dippers or carrot dippers (if non-perishable)
  • Goldfish snacks
  • Granola bars

Non-food Treats:

These are maybe even more fun for many kids and can be purchased in bulk at your favorite party store or mass merchandiser!

  • Halloween rings
  • Halloween pencils, erasers or pens (found cool bone shaped pen!)
  • Halloween themed cup
  • Mini notepad and stickers
  • Party favor items (endless selection)
  • Bubbles
  • Wax teeth (my all-time favorite goody bag treat!)
  • Wax lips
  • Whistle or kazoo
  • Halloween ghoul  glasses
  • Halloween tattoos

Remembering Favorite Treats

My favorite thing on Halloween was visiting one special neighbor’s house. Her mom would make cups of fresh apple cider and mini-doughnuts for all the neighborhood kids. It was a great chance to have a rest and refuel for the rest of the evening so we always planned it for our halfway point.

Naturally, this is a throwback to a different time and place and would only happen safely now if your neighborhood planned a block party and everyone knew each other.

Special holidays are great family memory making opportunities and a chance for fun. However, we can still provide a healthy experience and encourage so much candy on this fright night.

Of course, a few bite size bars are fine but a whole treat bag may be more than we want our kids (and the neighbors) to indulge in at one time.

Happy, Healthy Halloween!

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