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Healthy Weight Tips for Eating, Whether at Home or Dining Out

Healthy Weight Tips for Eating, Whether at Home or Dining Out

Everyone is watching their weight, or at least it seems that way.

More Americans than ever before are doing something about their weight. They may be exercising more, cutting back on their portions or selecting different foods.

Many are also cutting out the eating they do without thinking about it – you know, those times we eat and don’t realize what we have done until it is too late!  You can also make positive changes to affect your waistline!

Serving sizes and healthy options will make a major impact on our weight and whether or not you can maintain a healthy weight in the coming year.

Tips for Healthy Eating While Watching Weight

These are some quick and simple healthy eating tips for those who are watching their weight.

  • Don’t overdo the portion sizes. Remember these common things when controlling your portions.  The size of your fist is how much protein you should eat=3-4 oz protein.   A tennis ball is about ½ cup whether it is mashed potatoes, rice or ice cream.  A baseball is more like a full cup of broccoli or other vegetable.  The size of a dice is about as much fat you want to eat that is butter, sour cream or peanut butter.
  • Carbohydrate choices should be whole grain whenever possible such as wheat bread, wheat noodles, brown rice, potatoes with the skins.
  • Protein foods should be lean such as chicken without the skin, roasted meats, beans and reduced fried choices.
  • Choose fruits and vegetables at each meal such as a side salad, cooked veggies, and juices; choose fruit for dessert instead of sweets.
  • Reduce the overall fat in your diet and choose poly- or mono-unsaturated fats when fat is on the menu.  Eliminate all sources of transfat.

Making choices that are healthy and fit within your meal plan, selecting restaurants that can give you all the healthy choices you desire and eating the appropriate portion sizes will help you maintain a healthy weight whenever you eat out or in.

If you have questions, want more information or have suggestions for others, I would love to hear from you at Nutrition for the Health of It.

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