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Recipe Renovation™ For the Health Of It – My 1st Cookbook

Recipe Renovation™ For the Health Of It – My 1st Cookbook

Cooking for family, friends and even myself is something I have always enjoyed.

I know you love it too!

As I hear from many of you, that goes hand in hand with your desire to provide healthy meals for your family.

More people are finding enjoyment in cooking again.

Some of us feared it was in danger of becoming a lost art, as fast food and eating out became an almost daily (or more than once daily) activity for busy families.

Resurgence in Cooking at Home

One reason there has been such an increase in people cooking, searching for new recipes, and delving into the vault of grandma’s recipes is so that we can use real, whole ingredients and eat healthy.

Allergies, a desire to reduce highly processed foods and avoid preservatives and additives has helped spur on the cooking revolution too.

Most of us have many wonderful family recipes that remind us of memories of growing up and family members who may no longer be with us.

We want to enjoy those recipes because they are a tie to generations past, but know that many are not always healthy.

Many older recipes use products that either are no longer available, hard to find or not part of our healthy eating patterns now.

Renovating Family Favorites with Healthy Updates

Honoring family cooks of the past is important but it would be even better if we could do that and serve food we’re happy to see the family eat.

We don’t want to use lard or shortening, we prefer fresh produce and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen to make a weeknight family dinner.

That is why I created Recipe Renovations™ to help us think about a way to update our traditional recipes using healthier ingredients.

Recipe Renovation for the Health of It is a collection of some of my favorite recipe makeovers that can be used for family dinner tonight, holidays, picnics and large gatherings.

If you don’t tell them, they won’t know that the meal you made is good for them because it tastes good too!

I hope you enjoy this collection of tips, suggestions for makeovers, recipes, nutritional information and photos that will help you follow your health goals and enjoy your food!

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