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Summer-Extending Recipes to Maximize Your Waning Garden

Summer-Extending Recipes to Maximize Your Waning Garden

As I look at my summer garden, I am saddened because I know it will soon be a memory.

This year’s garden was very fruitful and abundant!

We enjoyed many cucumbers, too many in fact and I searched for people to share them with all with throughout the summer.

summer garden vegetablesThe jalapeno peppers and banana peppers were producing so well that I pickled many jars for future use (or gifts) and have even more to pickle before the first frost!

Tomatoes are my all-time favorite however! Who could pass up a succulent tomato fresh off the vine? I love them when they are still warm from the sun! Luckily, I have too many to eat before they spoil so have become creative in keeping them for the winter recipes I most enjoy.

During the summer we love fresh tomatoes in salads, simply sliced, as sandwiches and of course we love fresh homemade salsa. I especially enjoy them sliced onto my homemade pizza! But as the summer comes to a close and the tomatoes are piling up, I begin to think ahead and start to plan for the winter.

Tomatoes For Winter Recipes

  • Use as many tomatoes as you have ready to go (they can be red or green)
  • Chop them in large chunks
  • Place chopped pieces into a muffin tin. One tomato usually fits into each muffin cup.
  • Don’t add any paper liners or spray
  • Once you have filled the muffin tray, wrap it with plastic wrap and place the tray in the freezer being sure to lay the tray flat.
  • After it freezes, usually by the next day, take the frozen tomato chunks out of each muffin cup and place in freezer bag. They are like tomato ice cubes at this point.

Throughout the winter, use each cube of tomatoes in soups, stews and chili to extend your summer bounty. Your fresh chopped tomatoes at the height of flavor without the added salt of processing. Using this method helps maintain the shape of the tomatoes.preserving summer tomatoes

Enjoy your summer harvest all throughout the year!

I would love to hear your suggestions about how you use your garden to it’s fullest!


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