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Recipe Renovation®

We all want to cook more and be able to use fresher ingredients. When we cook at home, we have more control over the wholesomeness of the food we serve our families.

Many of us love to use our tried and true family recipes that give us comfort and a sense of tradition. We collect recipes from our grandmothers, aunts, and even great grandmothers not to mention the in-laws! I know I have. I have even lovingly sorted and organized all my family recipes into scrapbooks. Some are in the original handwriting of the cook who passed it along! These are priceless treasures to me.

I also collect recipes from newspapers, magazines, self-published cookbooks from local groups and have an extensive cookbook collection housed in a kitchen bookshelf. We seek new ideas, old favorites and different combinations to add variety and interest to our meals. We enjoy the process of cooking and creating something new!

Oftentimes however, our family recipes include ingredients that we want to avoid or are abundant in calories, salt and fat.

We at Nutrition for the Health of It can take your family treasures and substitute some healthier items to maintain the ‘comfort’ without the extra fat and calories. We will also analyze the nutritional content to see what a difference we can make.

Send us your family recipe and let us give you a Recipe Renovation!

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