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Residential and Day Camp Menu Planning

Feeding children can be fun and frustrating.

When kids are away from home they are also influenced by their peers.

Pleasing everyone can be quite a struggle.

Ask yourself these questions when planning your camp menu:

1. Is it colorful and nutritious?
2. Are the portion sizes right for the age kids in your program?
3. Can your staff prepare it?
4. Do you have a food supplier who can provide you the foods you want?
5. Do you have space and equipment to store them properly?
6. Does it meet your food budget?
7. Will the kids eat it or toss it?
8. Do you have satisfying snacks that keep the kids fueled for the day?
9. Does it pass the “peer review”?
10. Will it pass inspection?

If you consider these questions thoughtfully and plan accordingly, your camp food service program will be a huge success!

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