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I answer a lot of questions through my consultations, presentations, website and social media. Often my answers and recommendations lead to “I wish I had a specific resource to which I could point you” and I sense the one asking the question feels the same way. To remedy that, I decided to prepare some reference resources for those times when more information is needed.

Since many of us utilize our tablets and smartphone in the kitchen and prefer to go paperless, I have prepared these resources in PDF format. That way, those who want can use them on their devices while those who prefer to print them have nicely formatted resource documents.

Click on the link for each resource to open it on your device.

Action Plan for Change   It often isn’t enough to decide we want to lose weight, eat more healthy, exercise more or change other habits. In order to achieve real changes, often we have to set goals and create a plan for our success. This resource will help you do that as well as track your progress along the way.

Bake the Best Cookies Ever   Making the best cookies ever is no accident – – and it doesn’t happen by breaking open a roll you buy at the supermarket. This guide will help you make cookies that are likely to disappear quickly!

Common Household Measurement Equivalents   Do you run into measurements in recipes that you want to translate to fit measuring spoons and cups you have? I put together this conversion chart that I keep with my cookbooks.

Egg Safety Chart    It is important to handle eggs safely to avoid food poisoning. This chart provides guidance for the storage of eggs in various forms, as well as foods that contain eggs.

Freezing Produce  Tips for freezing fresh fruits and vegetables for enjoyment when they are out of season.

Homemade Seasoning Blend Recipes   Looking to make your own healthy alternative to some of the popular spice blends you find in the store? This resource has some suggestions to get you started.

How Much Do You Need for a Recipe   When you’re shopping for what you need when a recipe calls for ingredients such as a cup of grated carrots or one of egg whites, how do you figure out how much to buy? I prepared a list of some items I have encountered in recipes and how much you will need.

Minimum Safe Cooking Temperatures  Ensure your food is cooked to at least these temperatures to avoid bacterial contamination.

Nutrition Activities for Kids A collection of food-based, nutritional games that reinforce the life lessons of a healthy, well-balanced diet based on the food pyramid.

Produce Storage Tips   Not sure how long you can keep produce fresh and after you bring it home and what is the best way to store it in the refrigerator? Try my Produce Storage Tips.

Recommended Fruit Servings   Not sure how to determine the amount of vegetables each member of the family needs daily? I prepared a table you can print and use as a ready resource.

Recommended Vegetable Servings   Not sure how to determine the amount of vegetables each member of the family needs daily? I prepared a table you can print and use as a ready resource.

Selecting Fruit in Season   I love including seasonal fruit in my meals and snacks. With this resource you’ll know when some favorites are in season, how to select them for ripeness, and how they contribute to your nutritional needs. I also give you some ideas for using them. Maybe you’ll find something you haven’t tried yet.

Spice and Herb Chart   Spices and herbs can help add flavor to our healthy cooking, but sometimes it’s hard to know which spices and herbs go best with which foods. This chart provides suggestions by letting you know in which foods each herb or spice is commonly used.

Storing In-Season Produce  Where to store your fresh produce in order to keep it fresh and tasty the longest.

Substitutions for Common Ingredients   When you’re in the middle of a recipe that calls for an ingredient you don’t have on hand, you might find one of these substitutions lets you avoid a trip to the store.

Symptoms and Sources of Common Food Poisoning Germs The symptoms and timing of some of the most common types of foodborne illness, also known as food poisoning, and the foods where they are often found.

Temperature Danger Zone   We know our foods can make us sick if we don’t store them at a cold enough temperature or cook them until they’re hot enough inside, but just what is cold or hot enough? This resource will help you use right temperatures for many common items.

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